Campground-Based RV Service and RV Repair Program

Created and Developed By Campground Owners for Campground Owners.

Servicing Northern & Central Indiana.


The step-by-step process

Why CamperTech?

Campers most need RV services at campgrounds when they have service issues. It's not typically the campground's responsibility, but RV dealers are usually 6-8 weeks out for a service appointment. To avoid upset customers and losing campground revenue, we recommend owners start offering RV Repair services with CamperTech. Owners, start earning today!

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Unlock Your Path to Success with CamperTech

We have a proven track record of helping campground owners and operators increase revenue. Our programs empower owners with the necessary tools, strategies, and insights to expand their business with RV Services and increase efficiency.

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Seamless Service Work Made Easy

We will guide you through tools and techniques that optimize productivity. From managing maintenance schedules to facilitating repairs, we'll equip you with what you need to maintain a full-service RV campground that leaves a lasting impression.

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How does it work?

First, you need to be ready to have happier campers and a lot of additional revenue. Second, you call us - we'll give you an outline of the program. Third, we'll visit your campground to meet you in person. Finally, we set you up with all of the tools and resources to start your service program.
ABSOLUTELY NOT, this is a program that you own and scale to your desire.

We do not limit or charge you for success.

Our goal is not to sell you a product and walk away - we are here to change the industry we love and have an invested interest in.

Our goal is to support your service department for generations to come, that is the only way we will connect the outdoor industry.
Within 48 Hours of Signing Up. We recommend completing all training videos before your grand opening.

Some campgrounds even start selling the service packages within 48 hrs.
This problem has not been solved by the dealers or manufacturers for decades, which has caused a lack of trust. Leaving the campgrounds the ONLY place they trust, if we take this issue and turn it into a service for Campgrounds, we get to be the PAID HERO.
By setting up this program you now can charge for all of the small issues you have always fixed for FREE.

Become the HERO who fixes their issue faster than ever before, with all of the upside of charging a PREMIUM.

What We Do

CamperTech RV Solutions specifically designed to meet your needs.

Are you ready to take your campground to new heights of success? Reach out today!

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Custom Marketing Plan

We have professional marketing specialists on our team to create a custom marketing plan based upon your desire for the amount of business you are looking to create.

Sales Training / Techniques

Professionals specializing in our lifestyle compile a sales training program tailored to the camping industry. We do not teach any tricks or gimmicks just genuine approach to close more deals.

Service Tech Training

You choose your level of expertise in this program we create a web based program that houses a library of service videos and training to sharpen your techs knowledge & skills.



Whether it is tomorrow or ten years from now, we are here to help you be as successful as possible for generations to come.

OWNER'S Satisfaction

We make an RV Service department stress-free

We break down the process of owning/operating down into two different programs.

The first is the in-and-outs of how to run and create a profitable service department.

The second is the part that facilitates the completion of the service work.


Increased Gross Sales in 8 months


Happier Campers


Solutions to make life easier for Campground Owners.

Owner's Management

Marketing Training terials​
Sales Training
Industry Terms
Estimating Guide
Employee Aptitude Test
Customer Service
Basic Etiquette & Expectations
​& More

Service Rep

Service Training Modules Basics​
Service Training Modules / Maintenance
​Service Training Modules / Repairs
​Service Training Modules / Upgrades & Large Jobs  
Monthly Training Seminars & New Videos
Tests & Worksheets Per System
​& More

Our Pricing

We offer great prices, premium products and quality service for your business.

Advanced Marketing Strategy

On-site Display Set-up
One of a Kind Logo Design
Fully Functional Website
Integrated Campground Website
Custom Flyers Per Season
Email Marketing Campaign
Grand Opening Announcement
Office Marketing Bundle
Year Supply of Materials
Set-up Google Adwords Account
Social Media Post Bundle
Signage for Campground
Optional Discount Opportunities Available
& More
6-12 Month Head Start

FREE On-Site Setup

Two Days on-site set up & Training
Free Hotline for service questions
Desktop / Computer
Marketing Starter Bundle
Dedicated Phone Number / Email
New custom website
Customized logo
All Business Forms and Documents
Setup Parts Account
Password List